SUGARSENIC is an educational tool for people to understand sugar and its dangers, it is a nonprofit part of the GREG GELBURD FOUNDATION. Donations to this are tax deductible. The site has recently been constructed and will continue to grow as time allows.


Sugarsenic is an organization created in early 2017  to raise awareness of sugar's effects on people, particularly children. Our goal is to decrease sugar consumption by everyone. 


While we have received our first printing of the "SUGARSENIC" cards for free, as a gift of T & N printing, and Kemper Conwell of Pixels;  we hope to partner with other groups or individuals who will contribute to finance these cards and future campaigns. Presently we are handing out the cards in the Charlottesville, Virginia area but hope to roll this campaign into other areas. We are also open to other ideas on this and other campaigns as we expand this idea to other areas and in other ways. Remember, our goal is to reduce sugar consumption in our children and in ourselves.