SUGARSENIC is an educational tool for people to understand sugar and its dangers, it is a nonprofit part of the GREG GELBURD FOUNDATION. Donations to this are tax deductible. The site has recently been constructed and will continue to grow as time allows.


While this campaign is only being launched in recent weeks, we are looking for qualified people to link up with us in their own communities.  We are also frankly looking for more ideas, remember our goal is to reduce sugar intake by children, and as a result, in adults as well. We are not judging each other for our sugar addictions. It appears that sugar craving is in our DNA

It is our hopes that in the next few months of 2017 people passionate about reducing sugar in our children's diets will work collaboratively with grocery stores, schools, daycares and finally the food industry itself.  This may look like having sit down discussions with

grocery store managers in your town, 

directors of daycares

principals and school board members,

companies who distribute soda machines where children may see them

local media who allow advertisers who promote consumption of sugar products

These are only a few ideas we have generated so far, it is up to all of us reading this website to pass this along, through social media and word of mouth.  Our children's health, physical and emotional, depends on efforts to reduce their intake of sugar.