SUGARSENIC is an educational tool for people to understand sugar and its dangers, it is a nonprofit part of the GREG GELBURD FOUNDATION. Donations to this are tax deductible. The site has recently been constructed and will continue to grow as time allows.


The first project begun the second week of December, 2016, is what we call gorilla marketing. This is a campaign to spread the word about sugar through post cards placed in obvious spots within grocery store chains. We don't want to bother the mom and pop stores who generate little money from sugar or sugar products. We have begun going into grocery stores to show moms and dads that the products they are buying for their children may not be the healthiest choices. The SUGARSENIC cards are placed by soda displays, shelves of cookies, crackers, cereals, freezers full of waffles, ice cream and aisles of sugar.


  Artist Richard Montoya of Charlottesville, Virginia is responsible for the label you see above, and it is copyrighted.